Profile-oriented Training in Finance at PIBM


Profile-oriented Training in Finance at PIBM

At PIBM, the focus of education is always on producing holistic management professionals who are not just trained in individual specializations like Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, and likewise, but also have in-depth knowledge of the industry’s top job profiles. The profile-oriented training in Finance domain at PIBM helps students get a better job-based understanding of the financial management of the companies they will be working with.

As students of financial management and future management professionals, they have the opportunity to select and determine a specific set of profiles in their chosen field. This makes the faculty's job easier as they now have a clear understanding of each student's aspirations and the necessary knowledge and skills that need to be developed. The profile-oriented training followed at PIBM in general is focused on developing the necessary skillsets that are specific to a particular domain.

How does it help in developing domain knowledge on diverse profiles?

The profile-oriented training by PIBM, one of the best MBA & PGDM colleges in Pune, is efficient because you dig deep into a particular job profile and analyze the different job responsibilities and KRAs under that specific job profile. That apart, the basic idea behind this training is to ensure that various domains can be categorized under sub-domains or job profiles and more detailed training is carried out, which facilitates better understanding and provides practical knowledge. It makes you ready for that particular job profile in diverse industries.

Job Profile oriented training in Finance:
Some of the profiles in which training at PIBM is provided under the domain of MBA and PGDM in Finance are:

Global Taxation

International or Global Tax Consultation has become one of the most demanded and lucrative job profiles in the corporate world around the globe. This profile training includes in-depth knowledge of global taxation and how various countries have developed their taxation system over the years. Global taxation will also ensure that students understand Foreign Tax Credit Rules, Territorial Taxation, Foreign Tax Credit Rules, Tax Structuring for Global Businesses, Penalties & Dispute Resolution, and International Financial Reporting Standards. Students also get significant insights into accounting and financial analysis.

Investment Banking

PIBM students are trained extensively and given knowledge about managing wealth and assets and about the sectors including acquisitions and mergers. Investment Banking usually has a lot of career opportunities to offer very high salary packages. You can conduct independent financial analyses for your clients, develop detailed financial models, conduct independent research, financial analysis, structuring underwriting, and portfolio management. You will also need to perform asset management including tracking the performance of the current portfolio and identifying opportunities to maximize the value of existing investments.

Equity Research & Advisory

Equity is an essential aspect of any financial domain; hence, this particular profile-based training is essential. Here the course is divided into three sectors which include fundamental and technical analysis and financial advisory. As an equity research analyst or advisor, your role will be to analyze the company’s financials, perform ratio analysis, and forecast the financials for making Buy/Sell stock investment recommendations. Many good multinational companies have offered PIBM students internships and placements after the training.

Finance Analytics

This course aims to develop a critical analysis of the financial situation of a business or a client and take up decisions based on the same. The training structure at PIBM ensures that one can understand the critical financial data and eventually make financial strategies essential for the business to thrive. Financial analysis helps you understand a company's past and current performance and strategize accordingly.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance, as you might make out from the name, is focused on planning corporate houses’ financial profiles, including analysis and market surveys. Along with that, one has to also calculate the revenue and expenditure of the company so that more promising decisions can be eventually taken. You as a corporate finance professional will be required to prepare the budget, balance the books, execute payroll, track expenses, and manage the revenue of the company. You will also analyze revenue and expenses to ensure the effective use of capital in your respective organization.

Commercial Credit

In the commercial credit domain under Finance, the entire study is based on understanding a company’s creditworthiness and how eventually, these businesses will be able to pay out loans or even credits taken up. This is a vital sector, and there has been a lot of importance given to the conduct the financial analysis of the company, analyzing the financial statements, and preparing reports to check whether the company is in a position to take the risk of extending credit to its customers.

Wealth Management

This is entirely an investment advisory & management job profile required for clients with a broad financial base. Here students are taught to make sure they relate to their clients’ financial needs and eventually take decisions for them. At PIBM, students are given robust training on important financial concepts like cash management, taxation planning, retirement planning, asset management, estate planning, and risk management.

Finance Quality Management

As you can see from the name, finance quality management is based on accurate financial analysis. Quality management of the financial domain is indeed critical and hence, more practical-based training is provided. You will be given training on improving the quality of financial activities through process management, the quality of results through performance measurement, and the quality of decision-making through various quality management tools.

Financial Advisory in Insurance

Here the basic idea is to make sure you have more knowledge about the financial needs and goals of insurance clients and eventually plan a financial scheme that benefits them. You will be trained to analyze clients' finances, prepare financial plans accordingly and verify their accuracy. Similarly, you will investigate various investment opportunities and analyze financial data received from clients to develop strategies to achieve client financial goals.

Sector-Specific Training

The most promising aspect at PIBM is that we have tried to ensure that a diverse sector-specific training approach is followed. Hence the training that we provide in various sectors includes:

  • Financial Services
  • FinTech
  • Banking - Commercial & Retail
  • Insurance
  • Financial Consulting
  • Other sectors like FMCG, Consumer Durables, Automobile, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, and more

The idea behind PIBM has always been to make sure that students have the best recognition in their careers. When students come to our college, it is our prerogative to ensure that they receive practical training as well as profile-based training. We ensure that the curriculum is designed as per the latest and specific industry requirements. Similarly, to ensure our students get the best-in-class training, they undergo dual internships and multiple live projects that enhance their practical & hands-on knowledge. A robust corporate interface ensures that PIBM students get numerous interaction opportunities with 600+ corporate leaders who have direct tie-up with our institute. A management professional can succeed in his or her career with extensive practical knowledge of diverse job profiles.