What gives PIBM’s MBA & PGDM Programs in Marketing an edge?


What gives PIBM’s MBA & PGDM Programs in Marketing an edge?

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PIBM is known for its industry-led approach and is one of the foremost colleges that provide industry-aligned marketing management programs. We are rated among the best MBA colleges in India for successfully training students in industry-led environments along with equipping them with good academic skills.

Students who enroll for our MBA or PGDM in marketing programs receive an in-depth understanding of subjects besides gaining practical experience to make them industry-ready. We prepare our students to meet the demands of the corporate world with responsibility and confidence.

Read below to find out what sets PIBM’s marketing management program apart:

Specialized Profile Training in Marketing

PIBM offers specialized training in all aspects of marketing. We endeavor to remain high up on the list of top MBA colleges in India. We train our students in understanding the dynamics of marketing, problem-solving in critical real-life situations, and sales forecasting using marketing modules, tools, and techniques. We equip them with an in-depth understanding of B2B models, supply chain management, and nurturing Business-to-Business relationships.

Marketing and sales are both connected with identifying and servicing client requirements. The operations and activities involved in promoting and selling products and services fall under sales. Marketing encompasses the promotion, sales, and distribution of a product or service. We train our students on different B2C models, direct sales pitches, online intermediaries, advertising-based models, and community-based models besides fee-based models.

At PIBM we endeavor in providing the world-class training to our students on the some of the industries’ most in-demand job profiles like Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing, Channel Management, Market Research, Media Sales, and many more.

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Expert Faculty Members with Rich Marketing Backgrounds

PIBM has a faculty to be proud of. Not only do our faculty members have years of experience in handling diverse portfolios in both branding and marketing, but they also come with a rich exposure to real-time situations that allow students to understand the dynamics of marketing by using various tools, case study analysis, and brand-building strategies.

We train our marketing students in formulating strategies for diverse industries and business sectors. Students learn to identify problems like gaps between demand and supply and curate strategic planning to achieve marketing goals.

Our faculty members train students on both theoretical and practical aspects of marketing, promotions, and sales so that they can achieve their business goals with little or no stress.

Corporate Interactions with Marketing Experts

What differentiates PIBM from other management institutes is its practical approach to training students in marketing. Being the best PGDM college in India, our primary focus is to train students on the best industry practices so that they can excel in different tasks when they join the workforce.

We invite more than 250 marketing gurus and other business heads to visit our campus on a regular basis and share their knowledge and expertise on different aspects of marketing. Such interactive sessions help our students better understand the latest happenings in the industry and foster better strategic ties.

We conduct such interactive corporate sessions regularly so that students can relate their theoretical knowledge with practical understanding and become industry-ready.

Corporate Interactions with Marketing Experts

We at PIBM provide our students with the very best options when it comes to placements. Being one of the best MBA colleges in India, we offer a curriculum that is not limited to theoretical subjects alone. Our strong dual-internship programs along with 50+ live projects ensure hands-on exposure to students during their MBA and PGDM courses in marketing.

PIBM students work on live projects to gain a real-time understanding of the marketing operations of top businesses around the world and develop problem-solving capabilities.

We ensure that our students get hands-on experience with marketing pitches including brand building exercises, client visits, presentations, design, and delivery of products and services. Our students are also taught to prepare sales pitches, product demonstrations, and develop negotiation skills.

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Industry Certifications in Marketing

We at PIBM, the top MBA college in India, constantly groom students beyond the classroom. We allow them to gain industry certifications and experience to become future-ready. We train them in evaluating results from marketing exercises and data analysis using business metrics, such as ROI, marketing attribution, and overall marketing effectiveness.

We also train our marketing students on understanding the advertising landscape on the Internet, Print, Events, Sponsorships, Television, Video, Outdoor, etc. they learn to create advertising budgets, persuade clients to buy advertising space or time, using statistics and data to make a pitch, pricing negotiations and closing the deal.

At PIBM, our students also get the industry-relevant certifications and training in SAP, Six-Sigma (green belt), MS Project, Advanced Excel, R, Python, and other analytical tools. We ensure to take our students through rigorous training so that they adopt all the relevant tools to devise a perfect marketing strategy. We help them develop all the marketing skills so that they can perform their best and achieve marketing goals during their job.

Training & Tools for Marketing Competency Development

We at PIBM train our marketing students to adopt all the in-demand tools so that they learn all the intricate aspects of business marketing. We offer them specialized training on creating and managing various channels available to distribute and sell products. They learn to create and apply channel design, dynamics, and sales data with different sectors.

We also train our students on retail management and its intricacies, retail operations, logistics, distribution, visual merchandising, category management, inventory management & risk management, retail selling & promotions, customer relationship, and consumer behavior.

We train them in qualitative and quantitative techniques of research and develop new marketing techniques. We take them through the process of questionnaire designing, sampling, and conducting in-depth data analysis through various live projects they take up during their MBA or PGDM course in marketing.

Our students learn to estimate consumer demand and the position of products. They come up with formulating plans or proposals for clients and higher management and eventually build decision-making capabilities.

Placement Assistance for Best Job Prospects

And finally comes the most important reason why PIBM is among the top placement colleges for MBA in India. Yes, we assist our students in getting a job through campus interviews. We have corporate tie-ups with 650+ top recruiters from diverse industries and locations. We invite them to conduct campus recruitments and absorb as many students as possible.

Our placement assistance has helped our students bag some of the most trending job profiles with an awesome CTC and packages.


We at PIBM offer the best curriculum in MBA and PGDM in marketing. Our industry-aligned curriculum has helped our students get the best job placements and choice of salary package. Get in touch with us today if you want to know more about our management programs in marketing.


PIBM is among the top MBA colleges in India offering a specialized curriculum, in-depth training, and hands-on experience to each student who enrolls for MBA or PGDM in marketing.