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Boost your career with Industry Exposure!

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided to pursue your career in management studies (MBA/PGDM) or you’ve already begun your journey in this field but what as a management student should you look forward to? What does this course have to offer you? Apart from the academic learning, the biggest take away in the store is the Industry Exposure.

Now let us take a look at the importance of how industry exposure plays a vital role in boosting your career. Industry Exposure shall act as a key to unlock the box of possibilities and identify the opportunities that lie ahead in various forms.

1. Round-the-year Training Programs:

Top B-schools offer endless opportunities to build on your practical knowledge through interactions with industry leaders and gaining insights from their industry experience. Training is provided to you in the form of internships, live projects, corporate sessions, industry visits, to name a few. Now it is up to you to grab these opportunities as they come and make the best out of it.

2. Application of Theory to Practical Life:

Don’t restrict your learning to classrooms. Corporate workplace demands the application of theories in the practical world and come up with innovative and effective business solutions.

For example: As a student you will be studying profit & loss accounts, creating balance sheets and much more in subjects related to accounts & finance. Going forward when you step in a financial role, you would be required to incorporate those learnings and prepare the income & financial statements for your company.

3. Develop Networking Skill:

The competition for getting a job is not just among the people sitting in your classroom but with more than 3,60,000 graduates passing all over India each year. Gaining an edge over your counterparts makes you more likely to get a job. Thus, along with the normal course curriculum added skills (like Analytics, Six-sigma, Scrum, and Agile certification) adds more weight to your CV. Therefore, all you have to do is check if your college provides any certification courses if not, then you can always go online.

PIBM Placement Results PIBM Placement Results

4. Accepting New Challenges:

“Life begins at the end of the comfort zone”, as rightly quoted by Neale Donald Walsch, it’s important to take up new challenges to discover your true potential. Be ready to take initiative, go beyond your classroom walls & assigned tasks, have a curious outlook, ask questions, interact with new people and always keep your antennas open to capture any information that flows your way.

5. Developing Right Business Etiquettes:

First impression may not be the last impression but has a lasting impact. The smallest gestures like- reporting on time, a firm handshake, keeping your phones on silent in office, answering calls outside to avoid disturbance, knocking on the doors to announce your arrival, carrying a diary & a pen, etc. tends to leave a positive impression. Having an assertive body language, excellent soft skills, and effective people skill is a sure thumbs-up!

In a nutshell, Industry exposure will give you an edge over your counterparts as every experience is unique in itself that enhances your understanding of the corporate world and will help you develop expertise in the core functional areas. Hoping this helps you gear up for the fantastic roller coaster ride that lies ahead!

Vineeta Singh

Vineeta from PIBM's Batch 2018-20, pursued MBA in Marketing Operations. She got placed with Ingram Micro as a Management Trainee. Apart from being a good cook, she loves trekking and sketching.