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Fintech Colloquium

Fintech Colloquium

Date: 28th April 2018

Venue: Pune Institute of Business Management [PIBM] Pune

In order to break the new era of Financial Services & Technology, PIBM organized a ‘Colloquia series - Fintech Colloquium’ on 28th April 2018. Cashless, E-wallets, digital lending, seamless trading solutions, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer loans, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are gaining significant importance under the Fintech umbrella. The event was a great opportunity for PIBM students to learn the importance of technology in finance, how to fill up the gaps between technology, and how to adapt to this modern era of technology.

Panel 1 was graced by the following Corporate Leaders:

Mr. Anthony E

Head – Products, Payments and Digital Banking Platform

DBS Bank

Mr. Shankara Vaddadi

Founder & Mentor

I- Lend

Mr. Guilherme Mota

Head of Operations -India


Mr. Ashwin Agarwal

Vice President

Loantap Financial Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The topic of discussion was ‘RegTech. The panel members shared their valuable insights with PIBM students on technology changing the ease of doing business. The Panelists also spoke about the number of people moving from General Banking Services to Digital Services. They discussed the importance of C-KYC (Centralized Know Your Customer ), Fintech in human life, and the growth in a couple of years.

Panel 2 was graced by the following Corporate Leaders:

Mr. Jose Thattil

Co - Founder & CEO

Phi Commerce Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Mukesh Bubna

Founder & CEO

Monexo Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Vivek Jain



Mr. Shivam Thakral

CEO & Founder


Dr. Ranadhir Ghosh


FIS Global

The topic of discussion was ‘ROBO Advisory’. The panel members shared their valuable insights with PIBM students on the use of AI in the workforce, how AI has reduced human errors in the industries. AI has also helped HR in easing the Recruitment process. Also, the panelists enlightened the students about the penalty of job opportunities coming in due to the large no. of technologies, Automobiles coming into the picture