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VIRTUO AAWAHAN – 2020 : A Digi Fest of Talent and Culture

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In the “NEW NORMAL” that we are living in, webinars and online classes are a common buzz word. We have grasped a new way of learning through digital media platforms and students are embracing it because change is the only constant. Other than the conceptual and curriculum-based learning, students should not forget how to reveal their additional talents because of the four walls that we have to live in currently. PIBM took this initiative to come out of the nutshell and give wings to the students to express their genre of talent.

On 31st July 2020, PIBM hosted a “Digi Fest” (VIRTUO AAWAHAN - 2020) which proved to be a huge success. The college came up with a breakthrough in hosting a digitally conducted cultural festival.

Proudly stating, it was the first cultural event of India to be ushered online. Preeminently, the event was marshaled by the latest batch of 2020-2022. The students, irrespective of the fact that they have never met each other in person, put up an eloquent event like this which surely deserves a toast.

The students started by administering the entire show with coordination among each other and by formulating different committees to monitor the smooth functioning of the event. Planning, strategizing, and implementing everything for more than 50 participants was a tough call, but having said that, the students had volunteered themselves to make the show a virtual success.

The show witnessed a number of events like solo singing and dancing, group singing and dancing, open mic, movie making. Each category had extraordinarily talented folks that the spectators witnessed. The show was a pioneer of possibilities showing how the NEW NORMAL does not only include eminent corporate webinars but can also be a witness to the refreshing events like these.

The air of spread of COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of sheer negativity and the pandemic has marked a phase of fear among everyone. While being aware of COVID-19 is of utmost importance, we should not be unnecessarily anxious and panic-stricken.

Today the entire world is facing challenges in its own unique and unconventional way but what we can do is to make the best out of this precious time provided by Mother Nature. Therefore, PIBM decided, what better way to enter into a new semester and bidding BOP Days goodbye than this. Instead of finding loopholes in the matrix, the college focuses on the wholesome learning of the students including academics as well as extracurricular activities.

We as an institute believe that HAPPINESS COMES FROM WITHIN. And since mankind has geared up for a lot of unknown outbreaks in the past, we will get through this one too. We just have to find goodness in little things that we have, feel fortunate, and STAY SAFE.

Kinjal Srivastava

Kinjal is from the batch of 2019-21 in PIBM, pursuing PGDM in Marketing. She did her internships in Kolte Patil Developers Ltd and RamanByte as a Sales Trainee and Digital Marketing Intern respectively. Apart from being a guitarist, she also loves making comic strips and writing.