Virtual Leadership Series


Learning Never Stops @ PIBM - 150+ Corporate Sessions during the Lockdown
Virtual Leadership Series

Learning Never Stops @ PIBM - Virtual Leadership Series

[Mr. Ronnie Screwvala, Co-Founder & Chairman - upGrad, joined PIBM’s Virtual Leadership Series and shared the experience of his corporate journey and gave valuable insights on important topics such as challenges of an Entrepreneurs and Importance of Re-skilling in current scenario.]

At Pune Institute of Business Management, strong corporate interaction through events, webinars, seminars, training sessions, etc. plays an important role to enhance the practical knowledge of the students and bridge the gap between Academics and the Corporate World. The objective of corporate interaction is to give exposure to the students so they can understand the current business trends and business challenges in the organizations and can relate their classroom learning to real-life business applications. In the corporate events, Corporate Veterans and Business Leaders such as CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and many more from top MNCs interact with PIBM students and clear all their doubts, motivate them and give a better understanding of different sectors and domains before entering the corporate world.

PIBM has always been a leader in providing top-quality management education in business management through advanced PGDM and MBA programs and has industry-aligned training pedagogies. During COVID-19, when everyone was struggling and everything was disrupted, PIBM didn’t stop and came up with a Virtual Leadership Series with an objective to invite top personalities from Corporate, Politics, Govt. Administration, Sports, and many more, to share their valuable thoughts on various trending topics such as Economy, Business Practices, Leadership, the challenges and opportunities for companies during COVID-19, innovations, and many more.

Mr. Rajat Mathur, MD-Morgan Stanley joined PIBM’s Virtual Leadership Series as a corporate guest

[Mr. Rajat Mathur, MD-Morgan Stanley joined PIBM’s Virtual Leadership Series as a corporate guest and shared his experience of the corporate world and gave a clear understanding on various trending topics such as the impact of pandemic on industry, society and our lifestyle, impact of pandemic on HR function and many more.]

PIBM is associated with 450+ top corporate heads from diverse sectors, who regularly visit campus or interact with students online and share their rich insights on various trending topics of the corporate world. Earlier, Corporate leaders used to visit and interact with students mostly on weekends but PIBM’s Virtual Leadership Series ensured that they can interact with the students almost daily basis through virtual mode. This concept opened an opportunity for PIBM students to get a more efficient learning experience and corporate exposure, at the same time ensuring their safety.

Dr. Kiran Bedi, Lt. Governor-Puducherry, IPS (Retd.) became the part of PIBM’s Virtual Leadership Series

[Dr. Kiran Bedi, Lt. Governor-Puducherry, IPS (Retd.) became the part of PIBM’s Virtual Leadership Series, enlightened our students and faculties with various important topics such as the qualities of a good leader in the organization, importance of reskilling and upskilling and many more.]

Throughout the Virtual Leadership Series with more than 75 episodes, PIBM has invited top personalities of the world for the Virtual Leadership Series from Business to Politics such as Dr. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Sanjeev Mehta, Mr. Ronnie Screwvala, Mr. Mathew Job, Mr. S.V. Nathan, and many more. Some of the topics discussed were :

  • How digital trends are changing the role of HR
  • How our world has changed
  • Survivor skill shastra - what to learns to prepare for the new normal
  • Talent Management or Competencies Framework
  • Leadership to drive Innovations
  • Strategic HR Management & Planning or Human Resource Planning & Retention
The Virtual Leadership Series not only enlightened PIBM students about different sectors but also motivated them, so they can step up during these challenging times and be ready to grab future opportunities.