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PIBM’s Profile Oriented Training

at PIBM,Profile Oriented Training gives the students
PIBM’s Profile Oriented Training

As a student, you should always be able to choose between various domains to build your career in. We at PIBM, focus on developing complete Management Professionals whose specialty and training isn’t only limited to various domains such as Finance, Marketing, and HR, etc. but it expands to proper specialized training on specific profiles under these domains. Through this approach, we can successfully align the Practical Training with industry’s specific needs & requirements.

Our approach to Profile Oriented Training gives the students an exhaustive idea of skills & knowledge required by the Industry thereby making the student's job-ready from day 1 of their corporate career.

Starting from choosing a course to a specialization, at every step there are so many options available and it’s not different for profiles under a specific domain or specialization. As a management student and future management professionals, students should be able to choose and decide the particular set of profiles under a chosen domain. This makes the task of a trainer easy as now they have a clear understanding of each individual student’s aspiration and the required knowledge or set of skills to be developed.

For example, students pursuing Management in Finance have options such as Investment Banking, Commercial Credit, Equity Research, Corporate Finance, Finance Quality Management, etc. With so many options students get a space to think about the profiles they want to specialize in. It reduces confusions and complication on both trainers and students side. Training specifically based on training ensures proper learning and specialized skills.

Same as finance, we have different profiles under Marketing, HR, Business Analytics and other domains as well. So, students from any specialization can pursue the profile they seek. At PIBM, our Marketing students are offered with profiles like Channel Management, Retail Management, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Media Sales and Pre Sales.

For HR students, profiles like HR Analytics, Talent Acquisition, HR Business Partner, Compensation & Reward Management, Labour Law & Industrial Relations are available within their grasp. Also, for other domains like Business Analytics, Logistics, our students are open to choose the profile they seek.

At PIBM, students get to redefine their career with our specialized Profile Oriented Training. Along with practical learning and various corporate exposures, students develop a strong understanding and clear mindset of their specific profiles. Our training and development through Profile and JD based learning ensure knowledge which the students can later apply in their winter internship and summer internship . Thereby making our approach an all-round development process.