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PIBM Innovation Cell - Dexterior (The Invincible Warrior)

PIBM’s Innovation cell organized the event - Dexterior (The Invincible Warrior) from 17th-19th April 2019 for the students to showcase their applied Business Knowledge. The event was designed and organized under the guidance of Head of Innovation cell Mr. Bibhas Basumatry (Director) and the team. More than 500+ MBA students had participated in this 3-day event.

Dexterior is one of the most prominent events conducted at PIBM. This event is built in three different stages. Students are challenged to prove their mettle at every level of the competition. This event is perfect adrenaline for any management student. Students of PIBM boarded to dexterity and reach the ultimate top of the success.

PIBM Innovation Cell Dexterior
PIBM Innovation Cell - Dexterior (The Invincible Warrior)

The event is designed with three definite levels of activities like
• New Product development (NPD)
• Directing Marketing advertisement
• Business quiz – Audio and visual mode

The students form and develop their own squad to face every challenge of the event. The inexplicability of the situation can only explain when your face-off in the battleground.

The New Product Development gives MBA students a chance to use their right and left-brain to create a new market with the new product (Market Development - Ansoff Matrix). This product is created by designing an STP model (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning) by defining a Buyer’s Persona.

After completing the first stage, the real job begins which is basically developing a complete marketing plan using your marketing strategy (4P’s/7P’s) for your targeted segment. Developing a Sales plan and directing your advertisements makes you multi- weaponry, though you are already disciplined.

The last and the foremost battle to win this war for a Dexterior is the “Business Quiz”. As Chandragupta Maurya was trained to use all his senses and that convinced him to succeed by sending jitters to his opponents. This level of event forces our Dexterior to answer by hearing the music, tagline, or by visual interpretation of part cinematic videos. The event ends with a pass-buzzer round of quiz where each team is given a chance to withhold their losing battle.

Dexterior is one of the most prominent events conducted at PIBM.

The entire event is designed with a different set of challenges testing all the abilities of the MBA students. The main objective of this event is to test both interpersonal and creative skills. The event encourages the students to prepare best for the real world. As the real world is not formed of levels but the tasks. Tasks that are to be completed to win the war of success.
But wait. To be a Dexterior you have to win the war not the battle alone.

Kundan Kumar Yadav

Kundan from PIBM's Batch 2018-20, pursued PGDM in Marketing. He got Placed with Ramanbyte as a Management Trainee. He loves traveling, gaming, and watching informative videos.