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PIBM Innovation Cell Workshop on “Design Thinking”

PIBM’s Innovation cell relentlessly works on discovering new techniques and tools in its Business management curriculum which can help MBA students in idea generation and new product development. This helps the students to learn and enhance their creative skills. PIBM’s Innovation cell believes in standing for a notion in education by supporting activities of “Right Brain” activities like design thinking, Idea Concept creation, and thought leadership concepts.

The objective of PIBM’s Innovation cell is not only to equip students with advanced knowledge of Business Management and Corporate World but also to drive innovation through workshops like Design Thinking. PIBM is one of the B-School Incorporates Design Thinking in its Business management curriculum which provides students and faculty with a framework for dealing with unstructured Business problems and for managing the innovation process.

As a part of this objective, the Innovation Cell organized a workshop on Design Thinking on 12th November 2019 for the students to tackle the Business Problems that are ill-defined and come up with innovative solutions. The workshop was designed and organized under the guidance of Head of Innovation cell Mr. Bibhas Basumatry (Director) and the team. This workshop was designed on the methodology of Stanford University in notion to enhance the creativity of the students. Almost 200 students participated in the workshop to design the “Gift Giving Experience”.

PIBM Innovation Cell Design Thinking
The workshop on Design Thinking helped the MBA students

The workshop on Design Thinking helped the MBA students to use the methods and mindsets of Design Thinking to understand the problems more deeply and solve them in innovative ways. PIBM’s Innovation Cell is already in the process of conducting many more such events for the development of the students.

Kundan Kumar Yadav

Kundan from PIBM's Batch 2018-20, pursued PGDM in Marketing. He got Placed with Ramanbyte as a Management Trainee. He loves traveling, gaming, and watching informative videos.