Learning is consistent at PIBM!


Learning is consistent at PIBM!

Learning is consistent at PIBM!

The advent of technology has disrupted the traditional education and learning system. For the last decade, the world has witnessed a steady transformation from offline education to online education. Yet, offline and online modes, both went hand-in-hand until the pandemic hit the world. Though the students got comfortable learning from both online and offline modes, the main concern was, will they be able to accept the sudden-complete shift to digital learning? Throughout the pandemic, online learning had been the only option, to keep the learning consistent. The adaptation for the same on a mental level could be a conflict for the students as well as for the parents. As we have all witnessed that due to uncertainty about the online learning systems and methods adopted by the Educational Institutes, many students thought of taking a drop till the pandemic gets over.

During the lockdown, many institutions found it difficult to cope and manage with a sudden shift to E-Learning, but PIBM emerged out successfully facing the challenges. PIBM had been technologically ahead since its inception. PIBM’s curriculum is not just limited to theoretical knowledge, it consists of a technical and a practical approach for learning Business Management. PIBM introduced its in-house developed AI-based Smart Learning Management Software, CLASSROOM+ almost 5 years ago. Thus, students at PIBM were already comfortable with the online mode of learning. During the lockdown, even if students could not come to the campus, PIBM ensured that learning should not discontinue. Even, PIBM ensured that Internships and Placement processes did not stop. Now faculty and students have a variety of learning tools available in the robust software system. The teaching methods integrated with CLASSROOM+ enabled students to continue their regular classes, assignment submissions, and much more.

AI-based Smart Learning Management Software, CLASSROOM+

How ClassRoom+ is helping PIBM students and faculty to continue the Learning :

  • PIBM students can monitor the outcome of their courses through the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) feature which is a student-centered instruction model that focuses on measuring student performance through learning outcomes including knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  • PIBM also ensures that every student acquires the right knowledge and skills using the Competency-Based learning feature, which has systems of instruction, assessment, grading, and academic reporting.
  • Teachers can share all their learning resources in digital format online and students can access them all in one place.
  • Smart Assessment and Feedback feature which helps students with the expectations of achieving a higher grade.
  • Progress tracking feature for internships and live projects to understand students’ learning development.
  • The Final Placement Process is efficiently managed by LMS like shortlisting CVs, screening, job notice, and more

What’s the scenario post lockdown?
Now when the lockdown restrictions are easing and the colleges are opening gradually, students and parents are worried about the safety measures at college campuses. Hence, parents are facing the concern of whether their children should be sent to another city for pursuing their MBA or PGDM courses, in Maharashtra especially Pune (as it is the education hub of India).

Looking at the current industry changes, the challenges faced by the Corporate World have led to the evolution of business processes. Thus, it is giving rise to New-Age Job roles. Due to this, it has become necessary for aspiring management students to acquire quality education. They should opt for MBA or PGDM programs where they can learn what the industry demands thus ensuring that their career path is not hampered due to the pandemic. But what’s the assurance that other B-Schools can provide with such advanced training, especially during the global crisis?

PIBM’s Strong 600+ Corporate TIE - UPS - A Boon :
PIBM’s tie-ups with more than 600+ corporate giants enable it to provide students with continuous Corporate Interactions through international virtual conferences, business conclaves, online internships, and much more even during the lockdown. The Industry tie-ups of the institute also enable it to analyze the global crisis, forthcoming challenges & changes in the industries beforehand. PIBM’s corporate tie-ups also ensure that the curriculum is updated and enhanced accordingly and the students’ learning process is not hampered.

Safe Campus, Safe Learning!
PIBM understands and supports the importance of Safe Learning. Be it offline or online, PIBM practices best protocols when it comes to “Safe Learning”. Every touchpoint inside the campus is sanitized regularly. Faculties, students, and staff members wear masks. The pandemic could not stop PIBM from imparting uninterrupted quality education and its students are destined for a great corporate career ahead.

Safe Campus, Safe Learning

As new-age jobs are emerging, it becomes crucial for aspiring management graduates to not compromise with their training and learning process. Not even the pandemic or some future calamities should be able to hamper their professional growth. PIBM understands this. It innovates, implements, and maintains its Training DNA as per the industry requirements, always delivering quality education. Thus, students’ careers always come first at PIBM.

MR. B. Basumatry

MR. B. Basumatry is a professional having 25+ years of experience in the Marketing Domain. He currently works in the capacity of Dean - Academics & Content at Pune Institute of Business Management. He is an academic subject matter expert in Digital Marketing and also teaches subjects like E-Commerce, Sales & Distribution, Retail, IMC & Brand Management at PIBM.