Why MBA after B.Com, sounds like a perfect plan?


Why MBA after B.Com, sounds like a perfect plan?

Whenever students want to pursue a career in the Commerce domain, the best and the most general choice has been a B.Com degree. But, does B.Com promise fast-paced career growth, especially in this competitive corporate world? After graduation students opt for jobs in Taxation, Accounts, Banking, etc. or they continue their preparation for CA, CWA, CS along with their graduation. It’s well-known that CA, CWA requires a whole different level of commitment. As far as employability is concerned, B.Com graduates aren’t fully eligible for good job profiles. According to the India Skills Report 2019-20, in terms of domain-wise employability percentage, B.Com (47%) came at 4th place after MBA (54%), B.E/B.Tech (49%), and BA (48%). This could be the result of a lack of industry exposure for B.Com students. The situation deteriorated even more because of the pandemic.

Since B.Com is a theory based course, it doesn’t give students the required practical exposure. Hence, students either end up in a job with limited payscale and exposure or they stay unemployed. Here comes a peak point where students get stuck. Because of such cases, students think of doing Masters in their own domain or MBA/PGDM courses to boost their careers.

B.Com graduates often face this dilemma, whether they should opt for M.Com or MBA. Are you sailing in the same boat? If Yes, then this article can help you out in making the right decision for your career. In this article, we are going to talk about why an MBA is a better option for you after B.Com :

Finance isn’t the only domain
Most of the Commerce students have this misconception that after B.Com, their career scope revolves only around Finance domain. But this is not the actual case. There are many specializations provided in MBA, like HR, Marketing, Operations, Business Analytics, and much more. Now, with the ever-changing job market, these domains are evolving too. If you are from a B.Com background, and you choose to pursue MBA, you can always opt for fields based on your interest, core strength, and career prospects. Because an MBA is a professional course that prepares you for the real corporate world and gives hands-on experience in management even before you climb the corporate ladder. So, as a B.Com graduate, you can confidently think of doing any MBA specialization other than Finance.

Building Managerial Perspectives and a Holistic Personality
There is some similarity between the subjects and electives of B.Com and MBA, and if you are a B.Com graduate, it becomes easier for you to grasp the curriculum of MBA or PGDM, as compared to students having Science or Arts background. But when it comes to learning and acquiring managerial skills, B.Com is not the correct course. For that, MBA proves to be the perfect platform for you to build and develop your managerial acumen. Corporate world is highly demanding professionals who are excellent managers. Managers can not only hold crucial responsibilities but also, prove to be skilled leaders. It’s always a boon if you have domain knowledge, but knowing how to manage a team and a project to achieve certain objectives, is the need of the hour.

As a professional, you need to be confident and have good communication skills so that you create a good first and everlasting impression. In India, most of the courses focus mainly on theoretical learning and domain knowledge. But what about personality development? No other Graduation course focuses and trains students on how to appear for the interviews, how to speak confidently in front of the interviewers, how to give presentations, the correct body language, business etiquette, how to write formal letters and so much more. On the other hand, MBA or PGDM courses give priority to confidence building, strengthening students’ aptitude and communication skills. It leads to the holistic development of one’s personality. You are required to be mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally strong to cope with real-life corporate issues.

Practical Learning approach means Guaranteed Growth
B.Com is a good degree if you need time to figure out your career path. In B.Com, you can get a basic knowledge regarding finance, business, and management. The knowledge is more theory-based. But long gone are those days, when theoretical knowledge used to be enough for getting hired. Now, companies need professionals, who have hands-on experience in their field or some practical experience. India Skills Report 2019-20, revealed that MBA graduates were at the top as the most employable graduates. Thus, MBA graduates are in huge demand.

Pursuing MBA after B.Com, you will be able to polish your knowledge related to business and management with a practical approach. An MBA degree is based on Experiential Learning. You get to know the hows, buts, and whys of the corporate world, through Internships, Live Projects, Industry Visits, Case Studies, and much more.

An MBA or PGDM course from a good B-school opens the door to an “n” number of career opportunities for you. MBA provides specializations in HR, Finance, Marketing, and so on. Choosing the specialization in MBA after B.Com can give you job opportunities in Marketing, Sales, HR, Analytics, Operations, and much more. All the fields after MBA are highly rewarding. Plus, it enables you to do effective networking. The more options available, the more professionals find scope in their career path. This ensures positive career growth and professionals become eligible for worthy promotions and attractive salary hikes.

In today’s job market, there’s a lot of competition going on. So it’s not enough if you have the basic knowledge about your field. As a professional, you need to excel in an area where you are at least “one of the best”, if not “the best”. New jobs are emerging as the industry requirements are changing along with technological advancements. In such an environment, candidates must live up to the fast-paced career trajectory. As a B.Com graduate, even if you have the basic knowledge about your domain, doing an MBA degree can direct you towards the correct path and opportunities. An MBA degree will transform you in every manner, be it your managerial skills, communication skills, business etiquette, and body language. It shall enhance your overall personality, thus creating the future leaders of the Corporate world.

Mr. Pravin Gurav

Mr. Pravin Gurav is a Finance Professional, with 8+ years of Academic experience and 2+ years of Corporate Experience. He currently works in the capacity of Deputy Head - Finance Department at Pune Institute of Business Management. He is a dynamic innovator and independent at the same time, a natural leader with strong domain knowledge. He is a professional with an eye on social developments. He has been training PIBM students on important skills required for various Finance profiles such as Risk Advisory, Equity Research, Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Fund Accounting, and many more.