Date: 16th May 2020

Venue: Pune Institute of Business Management [PIBM]

The AEIOU Model (Adaptability, Efficiency, Inclusivity, Opportunity and Universalism) has been suggested by PM - Mr. Narendra Modi to youth to adapt to their work-life post COVID. The rapidly changing world is forcing people to work from home, which will necessitate the need to adapt and find newer ways and business models during the time of crisis.

At PIBM, we believe a problem or crisis always comes with a set of opportunities. To emphasize more on the opportunities brought to us by the COVID-19 crisis, we have organized the “Leaders’ Conjunction” event where top minds from various sectors will join to discuss “AEIOU Model for Driving Change”.

Discussion Pointers
• Business dynamics for future growth
• New management models for driving change
• Transformation in Business Practices
• New skill sets for the future workforce