Education Does Not Only Happen in the Classroom



Aptitude training is the most rigorous training that PIBM gave to us. I would like to give a big THUMBS UP to the aptitude training process that we undergo to develop our analytical skills and make us fit for the corporate world.

The approach of aptitude training was to make us learn from scratch and we ended up learning a lot of short cut techniques to solve problems in a short time. Aptitude Basics and Management of Time while solving aptitude problems are the main key areas that I got help from the training.

Faculties are extremely experienced and polite. They always had an approach of teaching us from the basics. It’s for sure we cannot irate them asking how many questions and doubts we had. They were always there to assist us, guide us, and help us to come out with a proper solution. They always go the extra mile to solve our queries, this is the best thing I like about PIBM’s Aptitude faculty team.

Whatever level of Aptitude knowledge we have, we all were trained according to the way we were comfortable with. We had multiple extra sessions, one-on-one sessions to clear out our queries and learn more.

Frequent class tests, Impromptu question answers with the trainer were the place which makes us gauge our performance and the development of our analytical skills. The multiple test kits that were provided to us in a short term and long-term basis with a proper chronological order helps us to shape our curriculum for learning the subject in a better way.

Ashis Saha

Ashis from PIBM's Batch 2018-20, persued PGDM in Marketing. He got placed with Amazon India as a Vendor Central (Support). He loves Motor-Trips to Mountains.