Best Business School in India: PIBM aces at Corporate Interface


Best Business School in India: PIBM aces at Corporate Interface

CEO CHARISMA, PIBM organizes Panel Discussions and Knowledge sharing interaction sessions

The Indian economy is growing immensely at a faster pace. This means that there are more and more opportunities growing in diverse sectors. Isn’t there a dire need for skillful managers? Every sector is in demand of skilled managers to develop and help boost the economy. A survey in June 2021 by GMAC, stated that 91 % of the respondents plan to recruit MBA graduates in 2021, projecting a stronger demand for management graduates in the future. Therefore top Business schools in India are competing toughly providing different training programs and curriculum features.

Maharashtra has become a popular destination for higher education because of top colleges and career opportunities existing in this State, especially Pune city. There are a lot of MBA PGDM colleges in Pune, and students often face a dilemma while choosing the best B-school. Training features provided by top MBA colleges in India are Corporate Interface, Industry-experienced faculty, online learning facilities, practically oriented training methodologies, Industry-integrated curriculum, and so on.

In this article, we are going to discuss Corporate Interface, being one of the most important factors in training management students. If you are an aspiring management professional, this article will help you in knowing the essence of Corporate Interface and how it is significant for developing your skill sets. Corporate Interface is a collaboration between management colleges and Corporate companies that provide students with enough opportunities for industry exposure, interaction with Corporate leaders, work with these companies, and so on. It is a vast platform provided by some of the best PGDM colleges in India, where students can directly interact with Industry professionals from diverse sectors.

B-schools should understand the importance of Corporate Interface and indulge their students in essential activities of industry exposure. Below are some important benefits of Corporate Interface for management students -

  • Practical Knowledge and Skills: Being a management student, whatever concepts you learn in the classroom, you should also be able to know the real-time applications of those concepts. Corporate Interface enables you to fill the gap between classroom learning and practical applications. So, after completing your MBA or PGDM course, you will be readily able to understand the complex situations of the corporate world.
  • Work Exposure: Corporate Interface provides you with work opportunities in top companies in the form of internships, live business projects, and so on. You can explore the fields you are about to enter, get hands-on experience as a fresher and understand how the corporate companies actually work.
  • Building Confidence: The practical knowledge and skills you gain along with the Corporate exposure through Corporate Interface boost your self-confidence. Along with this, your communication skills and business etiquette are enhanced.
  • Interaction with Industry leaders: You get numerous opportunities to interact with Industry professionals during corporate events, seminars, internships and directly learn from them. During the interactions, you get to understand the corporate journeys of these leaders and the struggles they went through, all of these interactions act as a great source of motivation for you.

Corporate Interface at PIBM

Corporate Interface at PIBM

PIBM is a top MBA college in Pune, offering full-time MBA and PGDM courses in specializations like Finance, HR, Marketing, Business Analytics, Strategic Digital Marketing, and more. PIBM’s advanced training DNA consists of Profile-oriented training, online learning methodologies, Communication and Aptitude training, Corporate Interface, Placement Preparation, and much more. PIBM understands the importance and role of Corporate Interface in the training and development of management students. Therefore, PIBM provides its students with extensive corporate exposure through Corporate Interface and associations it has formed with over 600+ top corporate companies and 550+ Business leaders over the years.

PIBM has been able to develop unique training methodologies and industry code signed curriculums with the advantage of the corporate ties it has with top corporate companies, making itself a good college for MBA in Pune. Thus, PIBM students are given corporate training by the Industry leaders through various training programs throughout the year, staying up to date with the latest industry trends.

Corporate Interface Program at PIBM

Corporate Interface at PIBM has the following aspects:

Company Analysis: Students should be able to understand the company’s business in detail from publicly available information, identify and analyze its business structure in detail. Following are some of the important parameters to be analyzed for company analysis:

  • Internships, Live Business Projects, and Industrial Visits

To make a remarkable career in the corporate world, students first need to identify their potential and decide which domain they want to choose from: Finance, HR, Marketing, Business Analytics, Strategic Digital Marketing, and so on. During the Winter Internship Program (WIP), PIBM students get a chance to work with companies from diverse domains for 1 month after their 1st semester. They understand the functioning of the companies, coordination with the various departments, and organizational structure. WIP helps students in choosing their specialization in the 2nd semester.

During the Summer Internship Program (SIP), PIBM students get to work in their selected profiles in top companies for 2-3 months. This program enables students to fill the gap between theoretical classroom lessons and their real-life practical applications, understand the customer’s requirements, learn team management to enhance their domain knowledge and skills.

PIBM has also incorporated Live Business Projects and Industrial Visits in its curriculum, making itself one of the best MBA colleges in Pune. Students are sent to work for various business projects in different industries, where they work on different modules and strategies, understand the problems faced by the industries, find out solutions and implement them. Students are sent for numerous Industrial Visits in each semester where they learn about different departments and functioning of the organizations and are exposed to practical situations.

  • Corporate Panels & Corporate Events

PIBM has a vast network of Corporate heads from domains like Marketing, HR, Finance Banking, FMCG, Automobile, Retail, and so on. The leaders train PIBM students through GD/PI training sessions, Corporate events, Corporate weekends sessions, and so much more. Interaction sessions play a major role in knowledge sharing and enhancement, that’s where Corporate events become very significant. Every year, Corporate heads and PIBM come together for campus and virtual events like CEO Charisma, Pioneer Convergence, DigiMarcon, CgThon, Omnikart, MICROTOM, Estate Ground, Virtual Leadership Series, International Conference, and many more.

Even during the pandemic, PIBM students received the required corporate exposure through Virtual Leadership Series Season 1 and 2, where top Industry leaders met the PIBM fraternity virtually and exchanged their knowledge in the best way possible. This way, Corporate Interface and the activities involved in it offer management students with rich domain knowledge, the latest industry trends, improved - leadership skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, creativity, communication, and organizational skills.

Corporate Interface is indeed a crucial factor for the skill development of management students. Through regular interaction and training sessions, corporate events, internships, live business projects, industrial visits, you get to enhance your practical knowledge and skills. You get prior work experience, build a confident and optimistic personality and interact with Industry professionals. So, it’s important that you choose the right college, for the right kind of training and placements. PIBM is the ideal choice for you that offers vast exposure to the corporate world and prepares you for the competitive job market.